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PLANETS COLLIDE  Second album from Millbrig - released early 2020. Please download from Spotify, Apple, Amazon etc. and support grassroots musicians. Thank you. Penny and Steve.

Enjoy the clips on soundcloud (below)


'If ever I am allowed to choose some music, yours would fit the bill - nice and relaxed and melodic..........I very much enjoyed the catchy tunes, nice harmonies and great lyrics.' JOHNNY DEVINE, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 

Millbrig's first album 'Millbrig' also available  on Amazon, SPOTIFY, i-TUNES , BMI, Xbox Music, Slacker, Cricket, Myspace Music, Rdio, Rhapsody, 7 Digital, Touchtunes etc.

Welcome to Millbrig, a duo made up of myself, Penny, and Steve Allan.

The name 'Millbrig' reflects the agricultural history around here, as 'Millbrig' incorporates the working ‘mill’ and the stream running through it, and the stone 'bridge’ crossing over the stream, which is still in place today, and its where we started creating music.. The Scots pronounce ‘mill bridge’ as ‘mill brig’ hence the band name.

We are based in Steve's old stone fisherman's cottage with a built in studio i the rafters. Now that we have played together for a while, and made two albums together using all original material (no covers), Millbrig has become, and is continuing to be a shared social space, with a genre all of its own. 

You can hear clips from our first album by clicking on the link below:-

We have worked very hard writing, performing, producing, editing, mastering, tagging, and creating our own artwork. All of the songs we produce are 100% original, no covers, and we are an authentic cottage industry. Big thanks to our fans who have downloaded and enjoyed! We enjoy your feedback, too.

So who are Millbrig, then?

Penny, an ex-busker and singer-songwriter, started Millbrig alone, and then met  Steve, an experienced rock musician, multi-instrumentalist and music creator. They met a couple of years ago at a late night, artisan open mic cafe, and have progressed from singing at local folk clubs and open mics, to small gigs and radio live play, with interviews. Millbrig has also appeared at several  music festivals in Scotland. although not in 2020 due to you-know-what. The east coast USA tour planned for 2020, sadly had to be postponed.

Behind the scenes they have quietly got on with writing and producing music in Steve’s cottage by the sea, in a remote part of NE Scotland. Only the cat has heard the full spectrum of their songs. They are proud to be pro-peace and pro-environment, and also proud to be creators of all original work. There are no traditional folk songs here. Penny enjoys people-watching and writing meaningful lyrics, sometimes sad but often questioning modernity using a retroductive logic of enquiry within the paradigm of critical realism, although she continuously shifts her existentialist position to suit the narrative voice within each lyrical story. To be called bi-polar would be an insult. Multi-polar would be a better description. Steve, who has mellowed since his rock band days, weaves mysterious Celtic influences into the compositions, producing multiple-layers and a complexity difficult to identify, but which has now created a collective Millbrig sound. They have so far avoided the modern 'modus operandi' of using men in suits, and are continuously producing tracks that are entirely authentic, outwardly unassuming, and have words that often take you to another place. 

All you need to travel there…. is time. 

They are available for private bookings, and prefer quieter, appreciative audiences, rather than noisy environments. They have played many live lounge sessions on local community radios, in Scotland and in England, and more recently on digital radio in London. They get good reviews from DJ's in the UK. .

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