Here is a clip from each of the songs on the first album 'Millbrig,' with a bit of background about each song.....a new album is due to be released shortly (2019).

Tall, Dark, Handsome Stranger 

A modern folk song, penned after I was singing at Musa café, when in walks this tall, fierce looking, silent dude, who goes on stage and starts looping. Any analagous connection between me and  Steve Allan is entirely down to your over-active imagination. 

'She ran away from the circus, they say she fell off the trapeze

She was tired of having, so many men to please

And just when she got away and, was well out of danger

In walked a tall, dark, handsome stranger'

Time for you 

In a life of chaos, it's really, really important to make time for people, places and things that matter.

'You'll never know, just how much trouble I am in

'Cause you live apart, from the confusion and the din

But I want you to know, before I go,

That any time you call me, I'll come running'

Bound for America  

Proud of this tale about a Scottish boy and girl emigrating to America aboard a ship in the 1700's. It's narrated by the girl, now an old lady, many years later, as she re-lives her memories.

Stepped onto the ship, we were bound for America

We were just following our dreams

Funny thing is, they said 'Follow the rainbow, and you'll find that things aren't what they seem!'

And Oh, how I miss, the North-East of Scotland, the face that we knew there'


I wrote this after a bloody battle. I lost the fight, but retained my dignity. This alludes to being in a relationship with somebody whose family dislike you from the outset.

'As time went by, the winds did change, the people divided in two

I was facing war with the other side, and their chosen one was you

I was ill-prepared for battle as, I heard the mission bell

And then I saw the fight begin, and I knew it would not end well'

Old Soldier 

A peace song, not without  empathy for ex-soldiers, though. This is definitely a song for Remembrance Sunday. Steve sings this one, for the ex-servicemen, in a kind, non-condemnatory way..

'And there are many who are angry at the harm

It's time for all of you to lay down your arms

And there are many who prefer to hold peace talks

When has anything been solved by war?'


Shadows of Summer 

My favourite song of this album, or even to date. Written after spending a happy, summer day mucking about with friends, on a very small boat, while trying to film a backing video to another song. Tricky to balance guitars and cameras, whilst rowing. (Thanks to Sue and Ali for taking us out). Guess we all have sad times, that we hide from view, now and again.

'Sunshine, lighting all the colours in a summer day

Sparkling, like a million diamonds on a lake,

Laughter, as we're splashing with some friends

I never, want this summer day to end'


Happy flirty song about playing strings, whilst weaving the threads of a musical tapestry, with other musicians. OK, another musician.  But that's all you're getting.

I don't care, what people say

Fate and fortune, will have their way

Some will win, some will lose

Lay your explosives, light my fuse

The Ferryman 

This one is based on the ancient myths that there is a man who takes you in a boat, over the water, to the other side, another world, when you are ‘no longer required’ in this one. I have nearly died a few times, a couple of accidents (and natural childbirth is crap by the way ) and at those times I have argued a bit about that, with whoever or whatever is out there (which I’m quite good at, especially in stress situations). I feel that with this precious time I have left, I should have a better run at life and 'tho I've been, at times, a beyatch woman (as my offspring will testify) this song is about being a little kinder to others, along the way.

'Sailor won't you take me back ?', I quietly did say

'We have to land the other side, but this time I will delay'

I gazed at him and asked him, 'Did you have to bring me by ?'

He said 'I am the ferryman ' and looked............into my eyes

Song for Syria 

‘Song for Syria’ is a protest song written after hearing Dr Samer Attar interviewed by Eddie Mair on Radio 4 (26.07.16). Dr Attar is one of many medics who volunteer to help in conflict zones, at considerable risk to themselves. A copy of the song was sent to Dr Attar in Chicago as a world exclusive, as a gesture of thanks and appreciation for his work and for that of his colleagues. He was chuffed.

Update  Jan 2017 - After the bombings in Aleppo up to Christmas 2016, I contacted Dr Attar again to ask how things had been - he reported that 'most of my colleagues got out alive'.

'I'll search for a magical key,

So all the worlds children can live there safely

Far from their lives under siege, and with plenty to eat

With clothes, and with shoes on their feet'

A small Ray of Light  

Written whilst hovering outside somebody’s cottage, wondering whether to go in or not. It's a sort of feeling I also get being a peace activist, when other people aren't, and they view you as an outsider, which makes you feel uncomfortable.

A small ray of light, shines through your window,

I hesitate, afraid to come in

I carry the weight, of life on my shoulders, coz I choose to

And you are too young, to take it all in

Rue the day

Gentle protest song about our western system, and how I feel that I have failed to thrive in it, despite educating myself. Reading about conflict in the university library messed up my head, and I stepped out of the system for while. I sought solace in a wine bottle.This song is guaranteed to exclude me from corporate funding for, probably, the whole of my lifetime.

'I remember the good times, were few and far between

And the people, who never did say what they mean

The more money they had, the unkinder they were,

It was sometime 'round then I became broken'

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